"Stairway to Evan"

by Evan P. Donohue

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Quinn Tyler
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Quinn Tyler So much fun Favorite track: Pleasure without the Pain.
Travis Button
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Travis Button I first heard Evan when he was traveling with Kopecky Family Band as sound engineer and he came on stage and played this song "Tell Me, Sara", and that was it.... One song, and then he was gone. So glad to finally have this song in my collection and the rest of his new material! Favorite track: Tell Me, Sara.
Jeremy (HI54LOFI)
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Jeremy (HI54LOFI) new Evan P? yes please. Favorite track: She's Mine I'm Yours.


released October 12, 2014



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Evan P. Donohue Nashville

Raised in NY & hailing from TN, EPD, co-founding father of Nashville punk outfit, Diarrhea Planet, finds a niche within the chamber pop library between Beck and Elvis Costello. Fans of EPD note wit in his lyricism & the raw gravity of his live performances. Listeners will fall under the spell of Nashville pretty boy's ability to create garage-pop which blows a kiss at Squeeze & Harry Nilsson. ... more

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Track Name: My Mantra
I gotta go home I'm so uptight
Meditation helps if the Mantra is right
Rocky take my calls and I'll return the favor
If I survive the ride on the elevator
My horoscope said I need a long vacation
In both the local and state publication
Said an effort when just will be rewarded
and sinister men will be one day thwarted
I called to see if you were alright
I had a bad dream about you last night

I can't keep on living this way: waiting by the phone
The Mantras you have given me they help me when you're gone
But they're not helping much I miss your tender touch
I just want to know if we'll be together this time next year

I just want to know if my mentor's home
I go there when I feel most alone
I've consummated prayers and my will to starve
by eating my lunch in the courtyard
it was one ripe banana and an english muffin
every verb is a nail pried out of my coffin

Track Name: She's Mine I'm Yours
She said she's in love with me
said she's mine and will always be
she is gorgeous young and sweet
but you are the one that I want to hold
I am yours heart and soul
I love you till the stars grow cold

She is mine I am yours

Solemn words yield no reply
baby I'll love you until I die
I am not hears but she is mine
terrible nights of dark remorse
falling down drunk on kitchen floors
come beside me I am yours

She is mine I am yours

She called me to say it's over
said she changed her mind
thats when I dropped the phone to realize that I changed mine

you are beautiful you are tan
but she is a true american
too bad she'll find another man

She was mine I am hers
Track Name: Tarot Cards
I'll be your pet
while Jesus wept
you can't stop the party if the feeling is alright
can't mash potato if watusi's your birthright
find in the morning what you searched for all night
Don't get your tarot cards read in chicago

my mind is made up
I'm gonna kill until she comes home
I stole the money you hit in the mattress
I burned down your car and pissed on the ashes
I cut the head off of john the baptist
Don't get your tarot cards read in chicago

so won't you take take me back
I wanna know that you'll be around
I love you so so much I know
that I'd be lost if you weren't around
call me back call me back
call me names I didn't know I had
all for love god country and a night with emily
Track Name: Old Mill River
I am just another white man
I have never seen a funeral
pistol in hand I wander the yard
I'm an elderly woman
I am living with dementia
I go to the park to rip up the grass
at old mill river
you cover the clover
a second is over on an autumn day

I'm the mental (metal) eraser
some old picture of winter
would you look at that kid have you seen him before
I am each and every morning
the real home video
what I see in my sleep I see in memory more
at old mill river
you cover the clover
a second is over on an autumn day
Track Name: 1 Glance
1 glance a steel tip to granite
1 night the quarry full of stone
let's meet beneath a starry blanket
sure beats feeling lonesome
all balled up at home

suffered I have many nights
beneath the weight of the rock above me
but in the calm I have wondered
could she love me

1 kiss the candle's wick to darkness
1 raven sent before the dove
I am the ghost of what I cherish
I want to find the spring of tears
and put my lip to the cup


let's lift our gaze past tears of sorrow
I want to see my ship come in to port
bathsheba I could be your david
like him I would have your husband killed
to see you naked

Track Name: Yellow Eyes
A quilt of smiles and a book of poems
waining health is spoiled wine
terror formed and its taking over
cause I'm in love with yellow eyes

a pocket of posies and painted tea cups
she doesn't get ill around other guys
every body is keeling over
cause I'm in love with her yellow eyes

face time with survivors
both hands in the fire
I am sick with desire
are you alright?

life is fragile love is fleeting
we are happy we're alright
take my money my independence
let me keep those yellow eyes


If God Hates the way that I keep my head above water
why special sounds when I'm in bed with a leper's daughter
I ask nothing more than to be saved a place
Track Name: Felix
I had 18 crumpled up dollar bills and I couldn't pay rent till I had twice that amount so what do I do ? - That's what I did.
A man in a miata with a wife or girlfriend pulled into the lot I was parking cars at. their top was down - yes it was

should I move? should I stay?
Austin let's me park here usually. what was your name?

Love is a lecture love is a dream love is a dirty magazine
a glass of shiraz and a glass of pinot I'll be out in an hour
here's $20 -- my name's Felix

A valet in november in a valley of fortune
a bar-back recommended I call Felix a cab
he's at it again - yes he was
$600 in wine sales alone, he and his lady have moved on to sangria
should I call him a cab ? I guess I'll ask

Should I move it? should he stay ?
that guy in the miata, what was his name?

Love is a terror love is confusion love is the problem and the solution
I'll be out in about half an hour here's $20


my name is Felix
Track Name: Atom Bomb
I call you Atom Bomb
despite your stratosphere being bright and clear
I wanna block out the birds and the sun
you are my Atom Bomb

well I had never been to higher highs
nor down to darker lows
I stuck a little shovel down and put a hole in the ground
I gotta hide the love that I've won
you are my Atom Bomb

Do you remember that lonely night
when everbody moved to the hills leaving oil spills
and in the morning our houses were gone
you are my Atom Bomb

A. T. O. M. B. O. M. B.

Across America by the sea
she is waiting alone in a fallout zone
singing the words to our song
you are my Atom Bomb
Track Name: Pleasure without the Pain
Momma stole the words out of Shakespeare's mouth
make you come alive with your tongue hanged out
Daddy was a preacher in a house of sin
Momma stuck around cause she loved him
they gave me a bill for the debt I owed
on the day I was born up a back woods road

pleasure without the pain
momma take me back to the golden grain I want the
pleasure without the pain
never gonna work but still get paid I want the
pleasure without the pain

I cheated and I lied and I tricked my way up
by flipping a bible or two each day
curbed my thirst with the wine and the beer
stole a Cadillac as a souvenir
drove to Florida M I A M I in heaven or hell
I don't care
The girls in the bathrobes out on the porch
moaning in passion to pass the torch
get yourself lit and be a guiding light
stick a little pin in the ass all night
never had a place that I made my own
till a dirty little street corner called me home


like a flickering light in a coming storm
I was damned to rot on the day I was born
I know I'm gonna die in a prison tonight
the preacher came late to read last rites
asked to repent and I held his cuff I said
I didn't get drunk or laid enough

lurking in the mud for fourteen years
I dug my grave when I got here
more pills more blow more heroine
more vomit and blood on the linoleum
I spread my foul wings high and wide
I am the reason why good men die

I was born in the valley of the shadow of death
with Frankenstein Dracula and Macbeth
when you're lost and you're weary and things are unclear
I am the wolf that your shepherd fears
if Jesus saves I hope he spares the rod
because I am the man who stood apart from God

Track Name: Tell Me, Sara
you're such a funny little drink of water
a little boiling makes the night get hotter
I'm a fool for wanting to stay here longer
cause I'm kept warm by you but it makes me softer

tell me, sara tell me tell me
tell me that you really love me
tell me, sara tell me tell me
tell me that you're praying for me

tonight I'm filled with pain and heart ache
and tomorrow there'll be devils when I wake
am I as noble as the promise I break
are you as real as the pleasure you fake


at the foot of the bed I wonder
where the lightning strikes when I hear thunder
what's this putrid spell I'm under
that leaves me poisoned broken robbed and plundered

Sara, you're my original obsession
I'm your trunk of lies and deception
If I was ever damned you'd be my one protection
If you were ever evil I'd be your darkest confession