Tell Me, Sara

by Evan P. Donohue



Featured in the trailer for upcoming Documentary "Cam Girlz", "Tell Me, Sara" will appear in upcoming record, "Stairway to Evan" available September 2014.


You're such a funny little drink of water
A little boiling makes the night get hotter
I'm a fool for wanting to stay here longer
'cause I'm kept warm by you and it makes me softer

Why don't you tell me, Sara
Tell me tell me
Tell me that you really love me
Why don't you tell me, Sara
Tell me tell me
Tell me that you're praying for me

Well, tonight I'm filled with pain and heartache
And tomorrow there'll be devils when I wake
Am I as noble as the promise I break?
Are you as real as the pleasure you fake?


At the foot of the bed I wonder
Where the lightning strikes when I hear thunder
What's this putrid F**king spell I'm under
That leaves me poisoned, broken, robbed, and plundered

Sara you're my original obsession
And I'm your trunk of lies and deception
When I'm damned will you be my protection?
If you were evil I'd be your darkest confession



released 08 August 2014
Written and Recorded by Evan P. Donohue



all rights reserved


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